Sunday, July 6, 2008

Shirley's Introduction


I am Shirley from Georgia and my blog is "Artseycrafts" (also my sidebar name).

Left handed or right handed? Right handed and I also knit Continental.

Silk or alpaca? I mostly knit with wool or wool blends so I can't say if I like silk or alpaca.

Circular or double pointed? Definitely circulars but I will use dpn's if necessary.

Coffee or tea? Hmm, coffee, both hot or iced. Hot tea during the winter but iced during the summer.

Paper clips or beaded stitch markers? I like the inexpensive small Boye markers.

Mittens or socks? Primarily socks but I have knit a few pairs of mittens. Here in the South, we rarely need mittens or gloves so I am excited to have a worthy cause to knit them.

Pullovers or cardigans? Cardigans. Again, in our warm South a cardigan is about the only outerwear we ever need during Winter. (UhOh! I forgot about the Alice Starmore pullover currently on my needles.)

Thanks so much for this KAL. I like to knit for CIC and this should be fun.

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