Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Dragonarc Intro

Hi, I am Alina. Glad to join all of you. I hope this will be the FIRST Knitalong that I actually successfully complete and hopefully not too far behind everyone else.

I learnt how to knit and crochet back in high school basically from books and figuring out things with my friends. None of us knew anyone who knit or crochet even though back then there were loads of places where you could get supplies. I was better back then at crochet since my knitting was full of holes with the same number of stitches on the needles. It drove me crazy!
Since then I haven't done either until a couple of years ago. I am caring for my elderly Mom (she turns 80 the end of July) and my elderly cat (she is 16) and with work I am constantly under alot of stress. Of course I have also been diagnosed with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Knitting is said to help with stress so I got "learn to" kits for both and dived in. I have been concentrating on knitting since I find it more conducive to keep me calm. Since you can make such quick progress on a project with crochet I get "driven" and a bit frenzied.

I belong to a Charity Knitting/Crochet group at my work and countless internet groups that donate projects to charity. Never enough time.

Left handed or right handed?
I am right handed but I normally knit Continental with my yarn in my left hand. I still don't have the most efficient way of holding the yarn and my tension still varies. I can "throw" the yarn but I find it more awkward.

Silk or alpaca?
Not sure. I have knit with alpaca but never with silk although I believe I have used yarn with some silk in it.

Circular or double pointed?
I prefer Circular knitting but I have used double pointed needles. I just find it a bit awkward and didn't get enough experience with them. With Circular I have found the Magic Loop Method suits me the most and allows me to work on projects on the subway commute without causing that panic look in those around me when they think they will get stabbed with the needles when I have tried DPNs or straight needles.

Coffee or tea?
Have to have coffee in the morning and maybe some during the day. But for comfort it is TEA.
Either with milk and sugar or herbal tea with honey.

Paper clips or beaded stitch markers?
I have used both but more often used the beaded markers.

Mittens or socks?
Have actually finished mittens but never managed to get very far on any socks. Plus I am so rough on socks and always wear out package socks at the back of the ankle. I would hate to spend all that time and ruin them in an instant.

Pullovers or cardigans?
I have never made a cardigan and only made the most simplistic of pullovers. But I would love to be able to make myself a cardigan.

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