Saturday, July 5, 2008

Introduction by Denise

Hi mitten knitters! I am Denise of Denise's Needleworks. I am looking forward to our KAL!

Left handed or right handed? I am right handed. I throw my yarn usually but when I knit with 2 colors I use both hands.

Silk or alpaca? I enjoy both but I am more of a plain wool person.

Circular or double pointed? I do almost everything in the round on circular needles. If I have to knit a flat piece I will still use circular needles. I hate the sewing up part of knitting! For socks and mittens though I prefer double pointed needles. I would rather knit with the hedgehog/porcupine than the octopus!

Coffee or tea? I prefer tea to coffee but I am really partial to Pepsi.

Paper clips or beaded stitch markers? Has anyone seen my stitch markers? I have some really pretty ones somewhere but I can't find them! I will usually use whatever I can find though.

Mittens or socks? Both! I have been making a lot of mittens lately though but I do have 2 pair of socks on the needles too.

Pullovers or cardigans? Well, I wear both but at this point the cardigans are winning. They are better for the on/off of my personal summer moments. I have to admit that I am a woman of a "certain age." I am currently sample knitting a fair isle, cardigan sweater in a fingering weight, Norwegian yarn for designer, Terri Shea. Fine yarn and itty bitty needles for an entire sweater! Yes, I know, I am insane!

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