Sunday, July 6, 2008

Leslie's Intro :)

Left handed or right handed?
Right handed thrower, but I can use the left one when knitting two-color - not too fast, but I can manage.

Silk or alpaca?
I'm a pedestrian wool or wool blend person. I have some lovely alpaca lace yarn from the Forest Path Stole KAL I tried some time ago. Maybe someday I'll try knitting with spiderwebs again.

Circular or double pointed?
Circular please. It's too easy to drop a dpn.

Coffee or tea?
Coffee hot or cold (sometimes it starts hot and ends up cold a couple of hours later when I finally finish it). Tea? Not so much although Chinese tea is good at the restaurant.

Paper clips or beaded stitch markers?
Well, I have to tell ya'. I have some lovely beaded stitch markers that were gifts. Normally, however, I'll use some of those Boye circular plastic ones that snap apart or those little-bitty colored elastic bands that you can get 200 for $1 in the hair care aisle. You know! The ones for little girl pony tails!

Mittens or socks?
Mittens! It takes forever to knit socks on 2mm needles although I do try from time to time. Mittens are fast and I'm all for instant gratification.

Pullovers or cardigans?
Cardigans if we're talking about me. They come off easily, they can be worn open if it's not terribly cold, you can tie them around your shoulders if it becomes too hot.

What am I using for this project? I have some nice Cascade 220 superwash in light blue and Knitaly superwash in a light blue. Since I have a full and a partial each of these will probably do a striped or a cuff and thumb in one color with the balance the other. The stash is simply too overgrown so I figured some mittens and maybe a little cardi or pullover would help ease the overcrowding.

I have pictures of the yarn in my stash list on Ravelry. If you belong, say hello! I'm Leslieileen.

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Kathy said...

What a good idea - the little colored hair bands for stitch markers. I'll have to give that a try! Thanks! Gee...this kal has already proven to be beneficial, and it's not actually even started yet. This should be great fun!