Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Amish Mittens

I spent the last two evenings trying quite unsuccessfully to embroider snowman details. Finally, around 8:30 yesterday I gave up and acknowledged that embroidery, crewel and cross stitch will never be "my" crafts.

So, I've decided these shall be little Amish Snowmen since Amish dolls do not have faces.

I rather like the owls and think I shall try those next. If I put Owl Mittens on the Salvation Army Mitten Tree I doubt anyone will be offended.

Thanks for a quick and productive KAL, Jean.


Ruth said...

Amish snowmen--what a good idea! (The embroidery almost had me stopped, too, but I muscled through it.)

The owls will look good with or without the button eyes.

Emmee said...

Amish mittens LOL what a good outlook you have.

you made me smile, thanks