Friday, July 18, 2008

Large Snowman Pattern

The general instructions for "Large Snowman Mittens" are the same as the smaller version, with these exceptions:

Cast on 40

Work 18-22 rounds of ribbing (the photo mitten has 22...if that's too much cuff for your taste, cut it down)

After ribbing, divide the stitches 20-10-10 on the needles.
Begin the graph immediately after the ribbing (no plain stockinette rows)

Mark the thumb placement on Round 14 of the chart.
Mark 7 stitches for the thumb.

At end of graph, begin the top-of-hand decreases as for the smaller mittens.

Thumb: worked over 15 stitches. Work 14 rounds even, then decrease top of thumb as for the smaller mittens.

Download the Large Snowman graph here

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