Monday, July 7, 2008


Hi all. I'm Candi in Ca and I'm very happy to be joining this knit-along. I do mostly charity work now that everyone in the family has more knitted and crocheted items than they'll use in this lifetime, and I like the idea of knitting for children.

I am a right handed knitter pretty much exclusively. I can knit with both but I find it very awkward and, for me, unproductive.

I love the feel of alpaca but have some silk in my stash that's just awaiting the right project.

Circulars are definitely the way to go for sweaters or other large projects, but dpns still rule for socks and mittens and sleeves.

Tea please. Preferably iced.

I've always been of a mind that necessity really is the mother of invention, so I've used paper clips, safety pins, pieces of packing tape, washers, whatever I could find at the moment, but I love my beaded stitch markers.

It's been a long time since I've made mittens. I've been a sock person for a while now. This will be a real treat.

Pullovers. Less fuss, less frustration, less finishing.

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