Sunday, July 6, 2008

Nice to be here!

Hi, I am Kathy (aka KathyInIowa). In looking at these intro questions, guess I am sort of an either/or kinda gal.

Left or Right handed: I am a right handed thrower, but when it comes to color work, I use both hands.

Silk or Alpaca: Alpaca - love the stuff!

Circulars or Dpns: Either/or..... really enjoy working with both.

Coffee or Tea: Either/or.....I drink and enjoy them both.

Paper Clips or beaded Stitch Markers: I have some pretty markers, but usually use bits of colored crochet thread - it doesn't take up any space between the stitches.

Mittens Or Socks: Either /or.....I knit both and enjoy doing so.

Pullover or Cardigan: Again, Either/or.

Guess I'm either very wishy washy, or very flexible .... perhaps I should be worried? :)

1 comment:

Leslie said...

nah - not wishy-washy. Flexible and adaptable - they're much nicer :)